The Stalker, final print

This was completed a while back, but I've not been keeping this blog up to date. I hope to be more regular in 2015

Printed in 7 parts at 60 microns for the head, legs and tail. Body was printed at 80 microns to shave some time off the print.

The parts were glued together using loctite super glue, and the gaps were filled with Aves Epoxy sculpt

The entire model was then sprayed with grey Tamiya primer, then sanded back once, and sprayed again.

Finally, the assembled model was given a dirty oil wash. Mixing a small amount of dark brown oil paint with Metho to create a watery stain solution. This is liberally brushed over the entire model, and the excess wiped off with a cloth, leaving the remaining solution in the cavities and details.


Paul BraddockComment