Herman Pinchski

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3D printable files. This is not a physical product.

Designed to be 25cm tall when assembled, but may be printed at any scale. Supports will be required.


In the dim twilight of the coastal cliffs, I stumbled upon a creature of bewildering proportions. Towering before me stood a massive bipedal crab, its enormous shell a mosaic of weathered browns and deep greens that shimmered faintly in the fading light.

What struck me first were its dual sets of arms—on its upper torso, a pair of muscular appendages ended in formidable, razor-sharp claws that glinted ominously. These arms moved with a surprising dexterity, adjusting the creature's stance with deliberate care. Below them, nestled against its broad chest, were another set of limbs—slender, almost delicate in comparison, each ending in a hand-like structure with nimble digits capable of intricate movements.

Its legs, thick and jointed, supported its considerable bulk with a steadiness that belied its massive size. Each step it took sent vibrations through the rocky terrain, its claws occasionally clicking against the stones in a rhythmic pattern that seemed both deliberate and instinctive.

Despite its formidable appearance, there was a sense of quiet intelligence in the creature's gaze—a pair of large, multifaceted eyes gleamed with a curious mix of caution and wonder. From beneath its mandibles, which twitched occasionally in what seemed like contemplation, emitted a soft, low hum—a sound that resonated deeply within the cavernous inlet.

As it moved with a surprising grace along the rocky shore, blending seamlessly with the rugged landscape, I couldn't help but marvel at the creature's existence—a testament to the mysteries of the untamed world and the endless possibilities that lurk within its depths.